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sobota 16. srpna 2008

Mix novinek

První věcí je zpráva z Myspace kapely. Bude se natáčet video k písni World Long Gone a natáčení začne 19.8.

Southern California Scars on Broadway fans, listen up!
We’re shooting a video for "World Long Gone" this Tuesday, August 19th in Southern California and want you guys to be a part of it!!
The scene is going to be a “burning man" style bonfire in the desert night at a ranch in Aqua Dulce, CA. We’re looking for travelers and drifter style men and women, so bring a few changes of clothes that reflect a traveler's spirt and a bag to throw over your shoulder – think Into the Wild…
You’ll be featured on camera and have the chance to work alongside the band. We won't be able to pay you, but we will provide meals and you’ll be a part of this great experience with Scars.
Email us a photo and info or a link to your myspace page at scarsonbroadwayvideo@gmail.com.
We’ll see you in the desert!

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